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Chinese Studies

This guide serves as a guide to Chinese Studies.

Subject Guides for Undergraduate Students

Chinese Studies for Undergraduate Students


This Subject Guide is made possible by the U.S. Department of Education grant for the enhancement of East Asian undergraduate studies through the Center for Asian Studies, Arizona State University. It lists selectively the bibliographies, dictionaries, indexes, and other ready-reference works for Chinese studies at the undergraduate level that are available in the University Libraries of Arizona State University. The materials covered are primarily in English. Besides using the materials listed herein, bibliographic and reference works of more general and broader nature such as New York Times Index (AI 21 .N44 HAYDEN REF), Social Sciences Index (AI 3 .S6x HAYDEN REF), Humanities Index (AI 3 .H8x HAYDEN REF), and Historical Abstracts (D 299 .H51 HAYDEN REF), can also be useful for locating articles about China. Subject bibliographies and guides of special emphases within Chinese studies, such as Guide to Chinese Philosophy (Z 7129 .C5 F8 HAYDEN STACKS), Chinese Religion in Western Languages (BL 1802 .T52x 1985 HAYDEN STACKS), and A Selective Guide to Chinese Literature, 1900-1949 (PL 2302 .S45 HAYDEN REF), are also excellent sources for further exploration in specialized areas of the studies.


  1. Association for Asian Studies. Bibliography of Asian Studies. Ann Arbor, MI: The Association, 1970- . Annual.
    DS 501 .F2741x HAYDEN REF

    A comprehensive bibliography of books and articles on Asia in western languages. Includes citations from more than 700 journals specifically on Asian studies and over 1,500 other periodicals of a more general scope. Arranged by country or region and by subject, with author indexes. Useful for current publications. Continues the Bulletin of Far Eastern Bibliography (Z 3001 .B8 HAYDEN SERIAL) published in 1936-1940, and the Cumulative Bibliography of Asian Studies: Subject Bibliography (DS 5 .C8x HAYDEN SERIAL) and its supplement covering the years 1941-1970. For the author index for the cumulative bibliography and its supplement, use the volumes that have call numbers Z 3001 .C93 HAYDEN STACKS and Z 3001 .C95 HAYDEN STACKS.

  2. Berton, Peter and Eugene Wu. Contemporary China: A Research Guide. Stanford, CA: Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace, 1967.

    Covers all social science and humanities subjects on post-1949 China and post-1945 Taiwan. Includes full critical annotations of over 2,000 reference works, documentary materials, periodicals, and dissertations in Chinese, English, Japanese, and Russian, with subject and author/title indexes.

  3. Chang, Chun-shu. Premodern China: A Bibliographical Introduction. [Ann Arbor: Center for Chinese Studies, University of Michigan], 1971.
    Z 3106 .C4 HAYDEN REF & STACKS

    A guide to important western language works on China from prehistoric times to the early 19th century. Arranged by topics and historical periods.

  4. Cheng, Peter. China. Oxford, Eng.: Clio Press, 1983.
    DS 706 .C483x HAYDEN REF

    Published as Vol. 35 of the World Bibliographical Series, China presents a critical assessment of over 1,450 works (including 35 periodicals and newspapers) in English published from 1970-1982. Arranged by broad topics, and accompanied by an index of authors, titles, and finer subject terms. Continued by the author's Current Books on China, 1983-1988 (Entry 5).

  5. Cheng, Peter. Current Books on China, 1983-1988: An Annotated Bibliography. New York: Garland, 1990.
    DS 706 .C468x 1990 HAYDEN STACKS

    Serving as a sequel to the author's earlier work China (Entry 4), this source provides annotations for 500 books in English published during 1983-1988. Divided into 25 subject categories. Has author and title indexes.

  6. Cordier, Henri. Bibliotheca Sinica: Dictionnaire Bibliographique des Ouvrages Relatifs ... L'Empire Chinois. 5 vols. 2nd ed., rev. and corr. New York: Burt Franklin, 1968.
    Z 3106 .C65 HAYDEN REF

    A comprehensive listing of books about China in western languages published before around 1921. Continued by Yuan's China in Western Literature (Entry 16).

  7. Gordon, Leonard H.D. and Frank J. Shulman. Doctoral Dissertations on China: A Bibliography of Studies in Western Languages, 1945-1970. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1972.
    Z 3106 .G65 HAYDEN STACKS

    Lists some 2,200 dissertations, arranged by broad topics with author, institution, and finer subject term indexes. Continued by Shulman's Doctoral Dissertations on China, 1971-1975 (Entry 11).

  8. Hucker, Charles O. China: A Critical Bibliography. Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 1962.
    Z 3101 .H8 HAYDEN STACKS

    Provides citations of books on China in English published since 1940 and articles in English from standard English language journals.

  9. Lust, John. Index Sinicus: A Catalogue of Articles Relating to China in Periodicals and Other Collective Publications, 1920-1955. Cambridge, Eng.: W. Heffer, 1964.
    Z 3101 .L8 HAYDEN REF & STACKS

    Indexes over 19,000 English language articles appearing in periodicals, conference proceedings, and memorial volumes. Serves as a supplement to Yuan's China in Western Literature (Entry 16), which cites books only. Continued by Far East and South-East Asia: A Cumulative List of Periodical Articles (Z 3001 .F3x HAYDEN STACKS).

  10. Revue Bibliographique de Sinologie. Paris: Editions de l'Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, 1955- . Annual.
    DS 734.95 .R38x HAYDEN REF & SERIAL

    An extensive bibliography of books and articles in both Asian and western languages.

  11. Shulman, Frank. Doctoral Dissertations on China, 1971-1975: A Bibliography of Studies in Western Languages. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1978.
    Z 3106 .G652x HAYDEN STACKS

    Continues the earlier bibliography by Leonard H.D. Gordon and the author (Entry 7). Lists around 1,600 dissertations by subject.

  12. Skinner, George W. Modern Chinese Society: Analytical Bibliography. 3 vols. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 1973.
    Z 3106 .S55x 1973 HAYDEN STACKS

    Lists both books and journal articles. Vol. 1 contains publications in western languages from 1644 to 1972. Citations are arranged by topics and time periods, and are referenced by 6 indexes ranging from geographical places to names of authors.

  13. Tanis, Norman E., David L. Perkins and Justine Pinto. China in Books: A Basic Bibliography in Western Language. Greenwich, CT: JAI Press, 1979.

    An unannotated bibliography of about 4,000 books about China, arranged into 21 broad subjects and accompanied by an author and title index. Includes also a listing of useful 200 titles basic for providing a broad, general knowledge of China and its people.

  14. United States. Foreign Broadcast Information Service. Daily Report: China. Index. New Canaan, CT: NewsBank, 1983- . Monthly.
    DS 701 .U572a HAYDEN GOVD

    Continues the Daily Report: People's Republic of China. Index (Entry 15).

  15. United States. Foreign Broadcast Information Service. Daily Report: People's Republic of China. Index. 8 vols. Stamford, CT: NewsBank, 1975-1982.
    DS 701 .U572a HAYDEN GOVD

    Indexes the Daily Report which covers current political and social events through translations and analyses of information collected from media, periodicals and government statements. Continued by Daily Report: China. Index (Entry 14).

  16. Yuan, T'ung-li. China in Western Literature: A Continuation of Cordier's Bibliotheca Sinica. New Haven: Far Eastern Publications, Yale University, 1958.
    Z 3101 .Y8 HAYDEN REF & STACKS

    The best bibliography for books on all subjects concerning China published between 1921 and 1957. Supplemented by Lust's Index Sinicus (Entry 9) which cites only articles from journals, conference proceedings and other collective volumes.


  1. Cheng, Peter. Chronology of The People's Republic of China from October 1, 1949. Totowa, NJ: Rowman and Littlefield, 1972.
    DS 777.55 .C44567 HAYDEN STACKS

    Covers the daily recorded events from day one of the People's Republic of China to 1969. Includes an index. Continued by the author's later work (see entry below) which covers the years 1970-1979.

  2. Cheng, Peter. Chronology of the People's Republic of China, 1970-1979. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow, 1986.
    DS 777.55 .C445669 1986 HAYDEN STACKS

    Continues the author's Chronology of The People's Republic of China from October 1, 1949 (see entry above).

  3. China. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Information China: The Comprehensive and Authoritative Reference Source of New China. 3 vols. Oxford: Pergamon, 1989.
    DS 706 .I5 1989 HAYDEN REF

  4. Hook, Brian, ed. Cambridge Encyclopedia of China. 2nd ed. Cambridge [Eng.]: Cambridge University Press, 1991.
    DS 705 .C35 1991 HAYDEN REF

    An illustrated encyclopedia, including bibliographical notes and an index.

  5. Kaplan, Frederick M. and Julian M. Sobin. Encyclopedia of China Today. 3rd ed., rev. and exp. New York: Eurasia Press, 1981.
    DS 705 .E54 1981 HAYDEN REF

    Includes also information on travel to and doing business with China. Has an index.


  1. Chou, Chi-lien, ed. Contemporary English-Chinese Dictionary. Hsiang-kang: Shang Wu, 1986.
    PL 1455 .T36 1986 HAYDEN EASIA

    Contains over 30,000 entries with over 5,000 idioms. Includes a list of common English and American Christian names and their Chinese characters. Gives its Chinese definition in the simplified form of Chinese characters.

  2. Giles, Herbert A. Chinese-English Dictionary. 2 vols. 2nd ed., rev. & enl. New York: Paragon Book Reprint, 1964.
    PL 1455 .G62 1964a HAYDEN REF

    Accompanied by a Chinese radical index. Arranged by Wade-Giles phonetic romanization. Includes also extensive tables of Chinese family names, dynasties, and calendars. A must for arriving at the correct romanization used for Chinese Characters by libraries in North America.

  3. Hu, Tso-ch`n, ed. Contemporary English-Chinese Lexicon. Pei-ching: Chung-kuo Chan Wang, 1987.
    PL 1455 .T361x HAYDEN EASIA

    A classified dictionary that groups its entries by subject, such as body, food, arts, numbers, etc. Appended with an English index in alphabetical order.

  4. Kuo, Warren. Comprehensive Glossary of Chinese Communist Terminology. Taipei: Institute of International Relations, National Chengchi University, 1978.
    PL 1497 .C6x HAYDEN REF

    Essential for understanding the Chinese Communist jargon and expressions. Arranges its 2,287 entries covering the period from 1921 to 1977 by Wade-Giles romanization. Accompanied with indexes by personal names in alphabetical order, English translation, and Chinese characters.

  5. Liang, Shih-chiu, ed. Far East English-Chinese Dictionary. Taipei: Far East Book, 1980.
    PL 1455 .F37x 1980 HAYDEN EASIA

    Contains over 160,000 words and 400,000 idioms and examples. A much enlarged and revised resource that expands on an earlier source published in 1960. Also includes English-Chinese tables of measures, weights, numbers, and zodiacal constellations and signs. Appended with a list of Chinese cyclical characters and their corresponding years for 1899-2018.

  6. Liang, Shih-chiu, ed. New Practical Chinese-English Dictionary. Rev. ed. Taipei: Far East Book, 1982.
    PL 1455 .T824x 1982 HAYDEN EASIA

    A dictionary of current usage much referred to and used by Chinese language teachers. Has some 80,000 entries, arranged by radical and with characters in more than one pronunciation being listed separately. Each single-word entry is given its pronunciation by Mandarin phonetic symbol, Wade-Giles, and Kwoyeu Romatzyh; each compound-word, by Mandarin phonetic symbol. Includes indexes by radical, stroke number, Mandarin phonetic symbol, and Wade-Giles romanization. Gives also a comparative table of Mandarin phonetic symbol, Wade-Giles romanization, Kwoyeu Romatzyh, and Yale system.

  7. Lin, Yutang. Lin Yutang's Chinese-English Dictionary of Modern Usage. Hong Kong: Chinese University Press, 1980.
    PL 1455 .L67 1980 HAYDEN EASIA

    Includes words and phrases commonly found in newspapers, magazines and books. Arranged by an "instant index" system which is explained in detail in the introduction. Has numerical, Kwoyeu Romatzyh, and English indexes. Supplemented by Supplementary Indexes to Lin Yutang's Chinese-English Dictionary of Modern Usage (PL 1455 .L672 S8 HAYDEN EASIA) which was published in 1982 and includes a Chinese radical index.

  8. New English-Chinese Dictionary. Rev. and enl. ed. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1988.
    PL 1455 .N48x 1988 HAYDEN REF

    Lists over 80,000 words and 14,000 idioms. Includes 9 appendices ranging from "List of Common British and American Names" to "Ranks in British and U.S. Armed Forces" in addition to tables of measures, money, etc. The Chinese definition is given in simplified Chinese characters, compensated with the provision of a conversion table for the traditional and simplified forms of Chinese characters at the end of the dictionary.

  9. Season, Samuel M. Wong. Chinese Idioms and Phrases. [Hong Kong]: Commercial Press, 1977.
    PL 1497 .Y5 1977 HAYDEN EASIA

    Contains 3,943 Chinese sayings in traditional Chinese characters with English translation. Arranged by pinyin and accompanied by an index by stroke number. The pronunciation of each entry is given in both pinyin and Wade-Giles romanization.

  10. Wang, Tung-i, ed. English-Chinese Word-Ocean Dictionary. 2 vols. Pei-ching: Kuo Fang Kung Yeh, 1987.
    PL 1455 .Y56x HAYDEN EASIA

    A comprehensive English-Chinese lexicon of 520,000 entries, based on Webster's Third New International Dictionary and Oxford English Dictionary. Its compilation involved 600 specialists in collaboration for 10 years before its publication. Uses the simplified form of Chinese characters.

  11. Wu, C. K. and K. S. Wu. Chinese-English 2000 Selected Chinese Common Sayings. Monterey, CA: Chinese Language Research Association, 1979.
    PL 1497 .W8 1979 HAYDEN EASIA

    Each entry is given in the simplified form of Chinese characters and supplied with its pronunciation in pinyin. Has an index by stroke number and conversion tables from Wade-Giles and Yale romanization systems to pinyin. Includes the Lord's Prayer in English, pinyin, and simplified Chinese characters at the end.

  12. Wu, Jingrong, ed. Pinyin Chinese-English Dictionary. Beijing: Commercial Press, 1979.
    PL 1455 .P56x HAYDEN REF & EASIA

    Contains over 56,000 entries with over 70,000 compound words and phrases, arranged by pinyin and accompanied by a radical index. Includes a pinyin and Wade-Giles conversion table and a list of simplified characters and their traditional equivalents.

  13. Yale University. Institute of Far Eastern Languages. Dictionary of Spoken Chinese. New Haven: Yale University, 1966.
    PL 1455 .Y295 HAYDEN REF

    Divided into 2 sections: Chinese to English, and English to Chinese. The Chinese-English part is arranged by Yale romanization and has the Chinese terms given in Chinese characters; the English-Chinese part has the Chinese equivalent for each entry given entirely in Yale romanization only. Includes a Chinese character index by radical and a comparative table for Wade-Giles, pinyin, and Yale romanization systems.


  1. Nienhauser, William H. Indiana Companion to Traditional Chinese Literature. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1986.
    PL 2264 .I52x 1986 HAYDEN REF

    Contains 2 major parts: Essays and Entries. The Essays part provides background information for the literature of China ranging from religion to belle-lettres of different genres. The Entries part consists of authors and titles of works, followed by lists of bibliographical information. Includes author, title, and subject indexes.


  1. Bartke, Wolfgang. Who's Who in The People's Republic of China. 2nd ed. Munchen: K. G. Saur, 1987.
    DS 778 .A1 B33x 1987 HAYDEN REF

    Contains 3,700 chronological biographies and 1,058 photographic portraits.

  2. Cavanaugh, Jerome. Who's Who in China, 1918-1950. 3 vols. Hong Kong: Chinese Materials Center, 1982.
    DS 776 .W48 1982 HAYDEN REF

    Includes portraits of the individuals.

  3. Chen, Charles K. H. Biographical And Bibliographical Dictionary of Chinese Authors. Hanover, NH: Oriental Society, 1971.
    PL 2277 .C46x HAYDEN REF

    Lists only important authors and their works. Arranged by Wade-Giles romanization of the authors' names.

  4. Chen, Charles K. H. Biographical And Bibliographical Dictionary of Chinese Authors. Supplement. 2 vols. Hanover, NH: Oriental Society, 1976.
    PL 2277 .C4612x HAYDEN REF

    Includes a surname index in Chinese stroke order.

  5. Goodrich, L. Carrington. Dictionary of Ming Biography. 2 vols. New York: Columbia University Press, 1976.
    DS 753.5 .A84 1976 HAYDEN REF

    Includes indexes of names, books, and subjects.

    Hummel, Arthur W. Eminent Chinese of the Ch'ing Period (1644-1912). Taipei: Ch'eng Wen Pub., 1970.
    DS 734 .U65 1970 HAYDEN REF

    Contains over 800 biographical sketches, with indexes of names, books, and subjects.

  6. Moule, Arthur Christopher. Rulers of China, 221 B.C.-A.D. 1949: Chronological Tables. London: Routledge and K. Paul, [1957].
    DS 733 .M6 1957 HAYDEN STACKS

    Gives detailed titles and reign dates of the rulers. Each table is accompanied by explanatory footnotes on difficulties and points of interest. Includes a section on the earlier rulers, 2100-249 B.C.

  7. Who's Who in China: Current Leaders. Beijing: Foreign Languages Press, 1989.
    DS 799.8485 .W49x HAYDEN REF

    Gives the biographical information of the individuals in chronological order. Includes photographic portraits.
  8. Who's Who in Hongkong. Hong Kong: Database Pub., 1984.
    DS 796 .H753 A28 1984 HAYDEN REF


  1. Businessman's Directory, The Republic of China. Taipei: Tong-Hsing Culture Press, 1971- . Annual.
    HF 5237.5 .B87 HAYDEN REF

  2. China Council for The Promotion of International Trade. Dept. of Public Relations. Directory of Chinese Foreign Trade. London: Longman, 1985- . Annual.
    HF 3833 .D57x HAYDEN SERIAL

  3. China Directory. Tokyo: Rajio Puresu, 1979- . Annual.
    JQ 1507 .C527 HAYDEN REF SERIA

  4. China Directory of Industry and Commerce, and Economic Annual. Comp. and ed. by Xinhua Publishing House, Beijing. Boston: Science Books International, 1982- .
    HF 3822 .C47 HAYDEN REF

  5. China Phone Book & Business Directory. [Hong Kong]: China Phone Book, 1988- . Semiannual.
    DS 705 .C52 HAYDEN REF

  6. Chinese Education Association for International Exchanges. China Higher Education Directory. Kowloon, Hong Kong: Hon Wing Book, 1987.
    LA 1133 .C34x 1987 HAYDEN REF

  7. Directory of The Cultural Organizations of The Republic of China. Taipei: National Central Library, [1961?]- .
    AS 455 .A7 D5x HAYDEN SERIA

  8. Taiwan Buyers' Guide. Taipei: China Productivity & Trade Center, 1979- . Annual.
    HF 3846.8 .T25x HAYDEN REF

  9. Trade Contacts in China: A Directory of Import and Export Corporations. London: China Prospect Pub. House, 1987. HF 3833 .T73 1987 HAYDEN REF


  1. China. State Statistical Bureau. China Statistical Yearbook. Hong Kong: International Centre for the Advancement of Science & Technology, 1988- .

    Continues the Statistical Yearbook of China (HA 4631 .S83 HAYDEN SERIAL) published by Economic Information & Agency, Hong Kong, in 1982-1987.

  2. China Facts & Figures Annual. [Gulf Breeze, FL]: Academic International Press, 1978-.
    DS 779.15 .C48 HAYDEN SERIAL

    Divided into 12 topical areas, such as government, economy, demography, institution, etc., of China.

  3. China Statistical Abstract. New York: Praeger Publishers, 1988- . Annual.

    Serves as the revised English language edition of the Official China Statistical Abstract published by the State Statistical Bureau of the People's Republic of China.


  1. China Official Yearbook. Hong Kong: Dragon Pearl Publications, 1983- .
    DS 779.15 .C495 HAYDEN SERIAL

  2. Hong Kong. [Hong Kong: J. R. Lee, Govt. Printer], 1960- . Annual.

  3. People's Republic of China Year-book. Beijing: Xinhua Pub. House, 1983- .
    DS 779.15 .C49 HAYDEN REF SERIAL

    Continues China Official Annual Report (DS 779.15 .C49 HAYDEN SERIAL).

  4. Republic of China Yearbook. Taipei: Kwang Hwa Pub., 1989- .
    DS 798.92 .R4x HAYDEN REF & SERIAL

    Continues Republic of China (DS 798.92 .R4x HAYDEN SERIAL).


  1. China Guidebook. Fair Lawn, NJ: Eurasia Press, 1979- . Annual.
    DS 712 .C48145 HAYDEN SERIAL

  2. Fodor's China. New York: Fodor's Travel Publications, 1991- . Annual.
    DS 712 .F62 HAYDEN REF


  1. Atlas of The People's Republic of China. Beijing: Foreign Languages Press, 1989.
    G 2305 .T49x 1989 SCI MAP

    Contains colored maps of all provinces on mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao. Each map is accompanied by a brief description of the place. Includes an index.

  2. Contemporary Atlas of China. London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1988.
    DS 779.2 .C65x HAYDEN STACKS

    Contains maps and photographs of and essays about the places, people, and artifacts in China.

  3. Herrmann, Albert. Historical Atlas of China. New ed. Chicago: Aldine, 1966.
    G 2306 .S1 H4 1966 SCI MAP

    Based on the author's Historical and Commercial Atlas of China (G 2305 .H4 1935 SCI MAP) originally published in 1935.

  4. Population Atlas of China. Comp. and ed. by the Population Census Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China and the Institute of Geography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Hong Kong: Oxford University Press, 1987.
    G 2306 .E2 P6 1987 SCI MAP

  5. Times Atlas of China. [New York]: Quadrangle/The New York Times Book, 1974.
    G 2305 .T5x SCI MAP

    Contains full-page maps of all provinces and major cities of both Chinas. Each map is preceded by a detail introductory essay about the place, and followed by a listing of names of smaller geographic entities within it in both Wade-Giles romanization and Chinese characters.

  6. United States. Board on Geographic Names. Mainland China: Official Standard Names Approval by The U.S. Board on Geographic Names. 2 vols. 2nd ed. Washington, D.C.: Army Map Service, 1968.
    G 7820 .Z99 U52 1968 SCI MAP

    Contains about 108,000 entries. Includes names for Chin-men Tao (Quemoy) and other offshore islands under the administration of the Republic of China in Taiwan; but, excludes names in Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan.

  7. United States. Defense Mapping Agency. Gazetteer of The People's Republic of China: Pinyin to Wade-Giles, Wade-Giles to Pinyin. Washington, D.C.: Defense Mapping Agency, 1979.
    G 7820 .Z99 D43x SCI MAP

    Contains about 22,000 names approved by the U.S. Board on Geographic Names for official United States purposes, with variant names cross-referenced to approved names. Included for each entry are the name of its administrative division, indication of its physical feature and cultural entity as applicable, and its geographical location.

  8. United States. Defense Mapping Agency. Topographic Center. Hong Kong and Macao: Official Standard Names Approved by the United States Board on Geographic Names. Washington, D.C., 1972.
    G 7940 .Z99 D43x SCI MAP

    Contains about 3,000 entries.

  9. United States. Defense Mapping Agency. Topographic Center. Republic of China: Official Standard Names Approved by The United States Board on Geographic Names. Washington, D.C., 1974.
    G 7910 .Z99 D43x SCI MAP

    Contains about 25,000 entries for places and features in Taiwan, its offshore islands, Quemoy and other islands off mainland China which are administered by the Republic of China in Taiwan.

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