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CyberCultures - ASB/SBS/SOC 205 -West campus

Enjoy this guide to the world of CyberCulture. You find links to information sources relevant to the course and an introduction to the multi-user virtual environment, Second Life.

How to ... in SL

Intermediate and Advanced SL Tutorials: 

General - Wiki List of Second Life Video Tutorials:

Boosting SL Viewer Performance:

Boxes / How to Buy, See Contents, Open, Create, Fill Boxes: 

Profile / How to Open and Fill Out:

Sound Sliders (Preferences) / Audio & Video Controls Tutorial:

Snapshots – Advanced:

Test SL Windlight Beta Software:

Typing Sound & Animation / How to Deactivate:

Second Life Video Tutorial - How to Manage Your Inventory:

Second Life Video Tutorial - How to Use Gestures:

Second Life - Tips & Tricks:


Basic SL Building Tutorials:

Construction Tutorial:

How to Make Tiny Prims:

How to Use the Building Grid:


Hours and Locations