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Using ArtStor at ASU

A guide to Artstor--quality art images for your research

Searching ARTstor

You can search ARTstor using keywords or advanced features.

Keyword Search:

There are three ways to start a keyword search in ARTstor. The following is excerpted from the ARTstor Help wiki:

On the front page of the Digital Library, the Keyword Search box is located in the upper left corner.


On a search results page, the Keyword Search box is located in the upper right corner.


Go to the ARTstor navigation menu and click Find > Search.

You can search across all collections or select a specific collection from the pull-down menu.

  • A keyword search allows you to search for words or phrases that appear anywhere in ARTstor's object record (Title, Creator, Description, etc.).
  • AND is the default Boolean operator. E.G. A keyword search on Monet poplars will return image records that have both of these words somewhere in the record.
  • OR searches are available in the Advanced Search but can also be used in Keyword Search. (When in doubt, use the Boolean operators provided in the Advanced Search.)
  • Use Quotation Marks to search for a phrase. E.G. “Camera degli sposi”.

Wildcard & Truncation Symbols:

  • * Use the asterisk to truncate a word. It will look for zero, one, or several characters. E.G. wom*n will return records with the term woman or women. Brueg*l will return records with Brueghel or Bruegel.
  • Ital* will return records with Italia, Italy, Italian, Italianate, etc.
  • The underscore (_) can represent any one character: E.G. m_net will match “monet”, “manet”, etc.

More on searching ARTstor (from the ARTstor Help wiki)

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