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Using ArtStor at ASU

A guide to Artstor--quality art images for your research

Sharing Folders

Sharing your image groups with colleagues:

With Instructor Privileges, you may create Shared Folders into which you can save Image Groups. You can control the access that other users will have to these Shared Folders and Image Groups.

Creating password-protected folders (from the ARTstor Help wiki)

More on sharing folders (from the ARTstor Help wiki)


Unlocking Folders

Registering to unlock a folder (from the ARTstor Help wiki)

My Work Folder

Every registered user in ARTstor is given a personal “Work Folder”. This is a folder automatically set-up for every user by the system. Its contents can only ever be viewed by that individual user.

Using My Work Folder (from the ARTstor wiki)

Managing Shared Folders

After creating your shared folders, you may make changes to them. ARTstor tools allow you to delete Folders or Image Groups, change folder titles or passwords, and change access levels, e.g., from public to restricted.

Changing settings on password-protected folders (from the ARTstor Help wiki)

Changing settings on public folders (from the ARTstor Help wiki)

Deleting an Image Group (from the ARTstor Help wiki)

Deleting a password-protected folder (from the ARTstor Help wiki)

Deleting a public folder (from the ARTstor Help wiki)

More on sharing folders (from the ARTstor Help wiki)

Institutional Work Folder

There is also a public Institutional Work Folder, which is automatically created for each subscribing ARTstor institution. Its contents can be viewed by anyone at Brandeis. This folder is entitled Brandeis Work Folder.

It is designed for a user with Instructor-Level Privileges who would like to share his/her Image Groups with the entire University.

An Instructor may elect to save Image Groups into the Institutional Work Folder, rather than creating his/her own public Shared Folders. It is an additional option that ARTstor provides for Instructors who do not want to go through the process of creating their own Shared Folders, but would still like to share their Image Groups publicly. Every user at a given institution will automatically have Read Access to any groups saved in the Institutional Work Folder.

If you want to save images into the Brandeis work folder, you must have Instructor Privileges.

Using the Institutional Folder (from the ARTstor Help wiki)

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