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Using ArtStor at ASU

A guide to Artstor--quality art images for your research

Shared Shelf Introduction

Shared Shelf

What is Shared Shelf? Shared Shelf is a new web-based image management and cataloging system that will allow faculty to upload their own images, catalog them, and share them with the campus community.  Its web-based nature does away with the need for local onsite infrastructure.

What is its relationship to ARTstor? Campus users who have access to Shared Shelf can catalog their own images and then "publish" them to a local project in ARTstor. These published images will be available to all ARTstor users on the University of Miami campus.  The goal of developing Shared Shelf was to be able to bring together various institutional collections through a single interface.

What are its benefits for our faculty? Faculty will have the ability to easily upload and catalog their own images to make them available for teaching purposes.  In addition, faculty from disciplines other than art and architecture, such as from communications, humanities, social sciences and the sciences will be able to contribute their image collections to ARTstor via Shared Shelf.

How do you access Shared Shelf? Shared Shelf can be accessed via Firefox or Safari through this site: Enter your email address and the password from your ARTstor account. User names and permissions will need to be set up prior to using the new system. Please contact Dennis Brunning ( at Hayden Library to set up user access and permissions.

What browsers are compatible with Shared Shelf? Shared Shelf can be accessed using the following Internet browsers:  PC and Mac Browsers (Safari 3.0+ and Firefox 3.0+).

How do you upload images and enter data? After logging into the site click the Upload button found on the upper right-hand corner of the screen to upload images to your project. In the window that pops up, click Browse to select a file(s) stored on your computer and then click Open Select an image or group of images. The selected filenames will appear in the upload window, along with the file size and the upload status; click Upload.

Once your images are uploaded, double click on a single image to edit it in the cataloging window. Save the record. Images can also be grouped together in a "set" to add the same descriptive information to all.

In order to edit or add descriptive metadata, double-click on an image/record. A cataloging screen will pop up where a user can add descriptive information about the digital object. There are three different screens available for cataloging an object (which depend on how much descriptive information one would like to add to a given record) - Full, Medium or Minimum. (These screens are available from the drop-down menu on the top right corner of the cataloging screen.) If a user wishes to delete content, select the items to be deleted and click on Delete.

How do you publish Shared Shelf content to the ARTstor Digital Library? If a user has the necessary permissions to publish content to a Arizona State University ARTstor collection, the user will select the number of records to be published from the main interface, and click on the Publish button to publish all the items.

For questions regarding permission to publish content to Imagebase in ARTstor and other questions relating to Shared Shelf, please contact Ralph Gabbard at The Design and the Arts Library,

Short video tutorial: Shared Shelf on Vimeo (courtesy of University of Miami, an Artstor Beta site)



Shared Shelf Help Wiki

Shared Shelf Help Wiki

Shared Shelf Help Wiki offers the latest Help features available.

Shared Shelf Help Wiki

Shared Shelf Help Documentation

Shared Shelf Beta Version 0.3 Help Document

ARTstor has created the following document to help users navigate the technical aspects of Shared Shelf.

Shared Shelf Beta Version .03 Help Document

Tutorial Webinar

Tutorial Webinar

Shared Shelf has an instructional webinar presented once a week on Wednesdays for the duration of Spring semester, 2012. The link to view the schedule and register is:

Meta-data/Cataloging Guidelines

Metadata Guidelines for ARTstor Shared Shelf Imagebase Project

This is a general guide for adding or editing descriptive metadata (descriptive information) to accompany your images in Shared Shelf. It was prepared by Dennis Brunning and Deborah Koshinsky at Arizona State University Libraries

Subject Guide

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