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Using ArtStor at ASU

A guide to Artstor--quality art images for your research

Making an Image Group: Video Demo

Creating Image Groups

  1. Select images by single clicking on each one you want included in a group. Note: If you run a search and select images from your search results, those images will remain selected even if you do another search. All selected images will be saved to the group.

  2. Go to the ARTstor navigation menu and click Organize > Save selected images to > New image group. Or, you may right- (or Control-) click with your mouse to display a shortcut menu. Right-click Save selected images to > New image group. To save images to an existing image group, choose the Existing image group option [instructions excerpted from the ARTstor Help wiki].

  3. Whichever option you choose, a new dialog box will open. This dialog box will be the same for both options. The only difference is that the “Create new group” or “Append images to an existing group” radio button at the bottom of the window will be pre-selected depending on which option you choose. (You may always select a different radio button once this window is open.)

  4. Select a folder in which to save your Image Group from among the folders listed (you can view subfolders by expanding the folders in which they reside; just click the + sign to the left of the folder name. The folder you choose may be a personal (private) folder. The system also gives everyone a “Work Folder;” you may also choose a shared folder to which you have access.

  5. If you are creating a new group, enter a name for your Image Group in the box provided. To append images to an existing group, select it from the the folders listed. Your new images will be saved to this existing group.

  6. Click the “Save and Open” button. Your image group will open in small thumbnail view, with the thumbnails listed in the order that you selected them.

N.B. It is possible to open an Image Group in a separate window. After selecting a Folder and Image Group, check the box next to “Open group in separate window.” Then click the “Save and Open” button. This feature allows one to easily compare the contents of two image groups. You can then add images from one group to the other by dragging and dropping, or copying and pasting. (To copy an image, select the image, right-click and select copy from the pull-down menu. To paste, right-click on an image and select paste from the pull-down menu.)

More on Image Groups in ARTstor (from the ARTstor Help wiki)

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