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ASU Digital Repository

Recommended File Formats

The repository accepts files in any format; however, some formats are more sustainable.

Research has shown that long-term preservation is more successful with openly documented, uncompressed file formats that do not have embedded files, programs or scripts. ASU Library is committed to preserving the binary form of deposited materials and takes measures to preserve the look and feel of deposited digital objects, as resources permit.

If you have materials that were created or digitized more than 7 years ago, please contact us for assistance. We're here to help you.

Using highly-recommended formats improves the likelihood that the materials will remain accessible long-term.

  • High recommended formats have the most support and the highest probability of long-term access and preservation. The formats are widely used, openly documented and uncompressed (or have lossless data compression).
  • Moderate identified formats do not meet the current minimum international standards for long-term retention but are widely adopted and more likely to be manageable for long-term access.
  • Low identified formats are not recommended and may not be supported for long-term access. These files require management by library staff. Please contact us for assistance to deposit these items.

The recommended file formats is not an exhaustive list. Please contact us if you have "low" identified formats, so we can assist with deposit.

Recommended File Formats
File Type High Moderate Low
Audio Waveform Audio File (.wav) Advanced Audio Coding (.aac, .m4a, .mp4)
Audio Interchange File Format (uncompressed) (.aif, .aiff),
Moving Picture Experts Group 3 (.mp3),
Standard MIDI (.mid, .midi),
Apple Protected (.m4a),
Extended MIDI (.xmi),
iTunes (.aac),
Module Music Formats (.mod),
QuickTime MP4 Protected (.m4p, .m4b),
QuickTime MP3 (.m3p),
RealAudio (.rm, .ra),
RIFF-RMID (.rmi),
Windows Media Audio (.wma)
Graphic SVG (no javascript binding) (.svg) Computer Graphic Metafile (.cgm) Encapsulated Postscript (.eps),
Macromedia Flash (.swf)
Moving Image AVI (uncompressed) (*.avi),
Joint Photographic Experts Group 2000 (.mj2)
Audio Video Interleaved (.avi),
Motion Picture Experts Group 1 (.mp1),
Motion Picture Experts Group 2 (.mp3),
Motion Picture Experts Group 4 (.mp4),
Quicktime (.mov)
RealNetworks Video (.rv),
Windows Media Video (.wmv)
Presentation OpenDocument Presentation (.odp) Microsoft Powerpoint (.ppt, .pptx) Portable Document Format (.pdf)
Spreadsheet OpenDocument Spreadsheet (.ods),
Comma Separated Values (.csv),
Tab-delimited file (.txt)
Cascading Style Sheets (.css),
Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx),
Microsoft Excel Open XML (.xlsx),
OpenOffice (.sxc)
Portable Document Format (.pdf)
Still Image Tagged Image File Format (.tif, .tiff),
Joint Photographic Experts Group 2000 (.jp2)
Bitmap Image (.bmp),
Digital Negative (.dng),
Graphics Interchange Format (.gif),
Joint Photographic Experts Group (.jpg, .jpeg),
Portable Network Graphics (.png),
Portable Document Format PDF/A-1a (.pdf),
Encapsulated PostScript (.eps),
FlashPix (.fpx),
Photoshop (.psd),
Portable Document Format (.pdf)
Structural Markup Standard Generalized Markup Language with DTD/Schema (.sgml),
XML with DTD/Schema (.xml)
  Standard Generalized Markup Language without DTD/Schema (.sgml),
eXtensible Markup Language without DTD/Schema (.xml)
Text eXtensible Markup Language (.xml)
Plain Text (.txt),
OpenDocument Text (.odt)
Microsoft Word (.doc),
Microsoft Open XML (.docx),
Rich Text Format (.rtf)
Corel WordPerfect (.wpd),
Lotus WordPro (.lwp),
Portable Document Format (.pdf)
Webpage Web ARChive (.warc) Hypertext Markup Language (.html)  


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