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Providing free, online access to ASU scholarship encourages collaboration, and engages global scholars and researchers.

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Open Access

The digital repository provides free and open access to scholarly and creative works, including articles, audio recordings, conference proceedings, photographs, presentations, technical reports, working papers and video recordings.

The repository meets public access policies and archival requirements specified by many funding agencies. Every item in the ASU Digital Repository has a permanent, citable URL, ensuring that content remains accessible. Topic and department highlights include:

University Archives and Special Collections

Cultural heritage and items of enduring value are provided from University Archives and Special Collections, the Labriola National American Indian Data Center, and ASU centers and institutes. These materials include audio, video, still photographs, archival documents, letters and manuscripts. Unique and rare materials include:

The ASU Digital Repository curates works from current and emeritus faculty members, research partners, graduate students, staff members and ASU administrative units. Undergraduate contributions may be accepted with the approval of a sponsoring faculty member or by request of Barrett, the Honors College.

The ASU Digital Repository is not a private storage service. All items deposited in the repository are meant for public view.

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