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Best Library and Internet Resources for finding bioengineering information. Also includes information about library services, basic library skills and tools that help with citation management, poster design and writing.


Finding journal articles is essential when researching the literature for engineering topics.  The following resources find journal articles, and in some cases, newspaper articles, book chapters, conference papers, and dissertation, too.   Use these "one search" options when trying to shift through a lot of material - it's much more efficient than browsing journals or searching through each publisher's website, one-at-a-time.   

How to Find Articles

Indexing and Abstracting databases allow you to cover thousands of journal articles with just one search.  Some of these databases will also cover newspaper articles, conference papers, book chapters and/or technical reports.   So don't waste time guessing what journals will have articles on your topic or searching just one journal at a time. 

If you are an undergraduate but not majoring in engineering, use: 

For faculty, graduate students and undergraduate engineering majors, use:

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