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March Mammal Madness: #2017MMM

2017 Champion!

Short Faced Bear!

Charon Henning

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2017 Bracket

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2017MMM Championship!

Full Schedule

Tournament begins March 6, 2017! All battles at  6:30 PM MST/8:30 PM EST, except Wild Card
Week One
3/6/2017    Wild Card: 5:00 PM MST/7:00 PM EST
3/8/2017    Round 1: Adjective 
3/9/2017    Round 1: Desert  

Week Two 
3/13/2017  Round 1: Coulda Shoulda  
3/14/2017  Round 1: Two/One 
3/16/2017  Round 2: Adjective & Desert  

Week Three
3/20/2017  Round 2: C/S & Two/One
3/21/2017  Sweet Sixteen All Divisions
3/23/2017  Elite Trait

Week Four
3/27/2017  Final Roar
3/29/2017  CHAMPIONSHIP!!!


Wild Card: Red Giant Flying Squirrel Advance!

Adjective Mammals, Round 1 (Storify): Spectacled Bear, Spotted Skunk, White-Headed Capuchin, Screaming Hairy Armadillo, Pouched Rat, Maned Wolf ,Banded Linsang, Clouded Leopard

Desert Adapted, Round 1 (Storify): Honey Badger, Guanaco, Aardwolf, Tibetan Sand Fox, South American Gray Fox, Ringtail, Saiga, Gila Monster

Coulda-Shoulda, Round 1 (Storify): Sabertooth Cat, Short Faced Bear, Giraffe, Leopard Seal, Tiger, Neandertal Hunting Party, Greek Sphinx, Pegasus

2 Animals-1 Mammal Winners (Storify)- Bear Cat, Hog Badger, Spider Monkey, Bear Cuscus, Hog Deer, Antelope Squirrel, Leopard Cat, Tiger Quoll

Round 2

Adjective & Desert (Storify) - Spectacled Bear, WH Capuchin, Saiga, Guanaco, Clouded Leopard, Maned Wolf, Aardwolf, and Honey Badger

Coulda-Shoulda & 2 animals-1 mammal (Storify) - Spider Monkey, Bear Cat, Neanderthals, Hog Deer, Hog Badger, Leopard Seal, SF Bear, and Greek Sphinx 

Sweet Sixteen (Storify): Neanderthal Hunting Party, Short Faced Bear, Spider Monkey, Clouded Leopard, Guanaco, Hog Deer, Honey Badger, and Spectacled Bear

Elite Trait (Storify): Short-Faced Bear, Spider Monkey, Honey Badger, and Spectacled Bear 

Final Roar (Storify): Short-Faced Bear vs. Honey Badger!

Championship (Storify): SHORT-FACED BEAR WINS!

Hours and Locations