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March Mammal Madness: #2018MMM


2018MMM Logo by Charon Henning

Official 2018 March Mammal Madness Page

Early Combatant Reveal Schedule:

2018MMM Logo by Charon Henning


Get Started!

  1. Get your bracket (coming March 1!)
  2. Pick your winners by March 12 for the Wild Card!
  3. Follow the action (See schedule)
    1. Live on Twitter: Follow #2018MMM or @2018MMMletsgo - a curated twitter account that only includes bout tweets, not spectator trash talk.
    2. Archived bouts at Mammals Suck...Milk (and here) daily after each match if you can't participate live.
    3. March Mammal Madness Facebook Page

Live #2018MMM Twitter Feed

2018 Bracket

Bracket drops March 1 - until then, enjoy this #worstbear.

(We might still be a bit bitter about the Giant Panda's elimination in 2016).

2018 Schedule

March 1: Bracket drops
Tournament begins March 12!

​3/12: Wild Card
​3/14: Round 1
​3/15: Round 1
​3/19: Round 1
​3/21: Round 1

3/22: Round 2
3/36: Round 2

3/28: Sweet Sixteen

3/29: Elite Trait

4/2: Final Rour

4/4: Championship Finals!

Hours and Locations