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March Mammal Madness: #2018MMM


2018MMM Logo by Charon Henning

Official 2018 March Mammal Madness Page

Early Combatant Reveal Schedule:

2018MMM Logo by Charon Henning


2018MMM Champion

2018MMM Art

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2018 Bracket

Bracket for 2018 March Mammal Madness

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2018 MMM Commentary

2018 Schedule


Wild Card - Praying Mantis wins! (archived narration)

Round 1:

Great Adaptations - Pygmy Hippo, Maned Rat, Water Deer, Tasmanian Devil, Jaguarundi, Crabeater Seal, Aye-Aye, & Cheetah ADVANCE! (archived narration).

Antecessors - Doedicurus, Thalassocnus, Thylacoleo, Andrewsarchus, Pssudaelurus, Dimetrodon, Homo Floresiensis, Ambelodon ADVANCE! (archived narration)

 Urban Jungle- Harar Hyena, Bristol Fox, Sewer Rat, Coyote, Bobcat, Berlin Boar, Porcupine, and Cape Town Baboon ADVANCE! (Archived narration)

When the Kat's Away- Crocodile, Tarantula, Secretary Bird, Mantis Shrimp, Eagle Owl, Komodo Dragon, Octopus, & Anaconda. ADVANCE! Tardigrade #AltAdvances?! (Archived narration)

Round 2

Urban Jungle & Great Adaptations: Pygmy Hippo, Tasmanian Devil, Crabeater Seal, Cheetah, Harar Hyena, Coyote, Berlin Boar, and Porcupine ADVANCE! (Archived Narration)

​Antecessors & When the Kat's Away:​ Deodicurus, Andrewsarchus, Dimetrodon, Ambelodon, Orinoco Crocodile, Secretary Bird, Komodo Dragon, and Anaconda. Tardigrade #AltAdvances?! (Archived Narration)

Sweet 16

Deodicurus, Ambelodon, Orinoco Crocodile, Anaconda, Pygmy Hippo, Cheetah, Coyote, and Porcupine ADVANCE
& Tardigrade... AltAdvances #WhatDoesItMean (Archived Narration)

Elite Trait

Ambelodon, Orinoco Crocodile, Pygmy Hippo, Coyote - ADVANCE! Tardigrade, #AltAdvances! (archived narration)

Final Roar

Pygmy Hippo and Ambelodon ADVANCE TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP (with the Whompf! heard round the world). Tardigrade #AltAdvances. (play by play)


Pygmy Hippo is the Champion! Tardigrade Endures #AltChampion

Hours and Locations