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March Mammal Madness

The official location for March Mammal Madness tournament information and resources! If you're learning, you're winning!

March Mammal Madness Team 2013-2022

Editor in Chief Katie Hinde, Arizona State University
Deputy Editor Chris Anderson, Dominican University
Art Director Charon Henning, Scientific Illustrator

Chris Anderson, Dominican University

Alyson Brokaw, Texas A&M University

Tara Chestnut, Mount Rainier National Park, NPS

Patrice Connors, Colorado Mesa University

Mauna Dasari, Notre Dame University

Josh Drew, State University of New York Syracuse

Lara Durgavich, Tufts University

Yara Haridy, Museum für Naturkunde

Anne Hilborn, University of California- Riverside

Katie Hinde, Arizona State University

Marc Kissel, Appalachian State University

Danielle Lee, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Kristi Lewton, University of Southern California

Jessica Light, Texas A&M University

Asia Murphy, Penn State University

Brian Tanis, Oregon State University

Jo Varner, Colorado Mesa University

Kwasi Wrensford, UC Berkeley


Mary Casillas, Scientific Illustrator

Charon Henning, Scientific Illustrator

Will Nickley, Graphic Designer

Olivia Pellicer, Scientific Illustrator

Valeria Pellicer, Scientific Illustrator

Cyn Rudzis, Artist

Eduardo Amorim, University of Lausanne

Elinor Karlsson, University of Massachusetts Boston & Broad Institute

Anne Stone, Arizona State University

Nate Upham, Arizona State University

Fernando Villanea, University of Colorado-Boulder

Jesse Weber, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Melissa Wilson, Arizona State University
Official Twitter Account

Connor Fox, Oak Park & River Forest High School

Emma Willocks, Brown University

Sports Summaries

Margaret Janz, Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

Jason Krell, Arizona State University

Kate Lesciotto, Pennsylvania State University

Jessica Martin, Arizona State University
LibGuide Anali Maughan Perry, Arizona State University
Spanish Translation Alejandra Nuñez-de la Mora, Universidad Veracruzana, Xalapa
Educator Materials

Katie Hinde, Arizona State University

Stephanie Schuttler, NC Museum of Natural Sciences

Jenna Kissel, Education Engagement Coordinator

Video Recaps MC Marmot & The Rodent Roundtable


Research Topics

The ASU Library acknowledges the twenty-three Native Nations that have inhabited this land for centuries. Arizona State University's four campuses are located in the Salt River Valley on ancestral territories of Indigenous peoples, including the Akimel O’odham (Pima) and Pee Posh (Maricopa) Indian Communities, whose care and keeping of these lands allows us to be here today. ASU Library acknowledges the sovereignty of these nations and seeks to foster an environment of success and possibility for Native American students and patrons. We are advocates for the incorporation of Indigenous knowledge systems and research methodologies within contemporary library practice. ASU Library welcomes members of the Akimel O’odham and Pee Posh, and all Native nations to the Library.