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March Mammal Madness

#2020MMM Bracket

the 2020 March Mammal Madness bracket

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#2020MMM Tournament Schedule

Bracket Drops

Feb 28 Friday
Wild Card March 9 Monday
Division Dogs-ish vs Cats-ish March 11 Wednesday
Division Tiny Terrors March 12 Thursday
Division AnthropoSCENE March 16 Monday
Division Double Trouble March 18 Wednesday
Round 2: Dogs-ish vs Cats-ish & Tiny Terrors March 19 Thursday
Round 2: AnthropoSCENE & Double Trouble March 23 Monday
Sweet Sixteen March 25 Wednesday
Elite Trait March 26 Thursday
Final Roar March 30 Monday
CHAMPIONSHIP!!! April 1 Wednesday

Elite Trait, Final Roar, and Championship locale options:

Swamp Forest, Desert Grasslands, Sub/Tropical Coniferous Forests, Coastal


March Mammal Madness 2020 - Official Landing Page

Educator Materials Here!

#2020MMM Divisions!

February 13 - Valentine's reveals:

Channel Island Fox, Cuttlefish, Pudu, Red Panda, Least Chimpmunk, Harbor Porpoise

February 17-21, play twitter games to find out EIGHT more combatants!

2020MMM Coverage

Hours and Locations