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Marketing & Advertising Resources

This Subject Guide is designed to be a list of the most frequently used sources for advertising and marketing information, particularly for ASU class projects.

Polls & Consumer Surveys

This section has consumer information collected by surveys or polls. Listed first are those items that are current data and may also have older data. There is also a section for sources that ASU Library has, but they are not current data. Only standard marketing works and well-known opinion polls have been included in this bibliography. Additional polling web sites are listed at Guide to public opinion poll Web sites: Polling data from around the world If you do not find what you need in this list of polls, try the Demographic, Economic and Statistical Information. An Arizona specific poll is Arizona Indicators.

  1. Polling the Nations
       Print edition: American Public Opinion Index. Hayden Journals HM 261 .A463 - 1981-2000

    Arranged by subject, then by specific question, this index is very helpful for isolating a specific bit of information from a public opinion survey. To interpret the citation, use the instructions in the front of the book. The actual surveys are all on microfiche in the MF (Microforms) section on the Hayden Library Lower Level.
  2. Gallup Poll Briefing.
       Print edition: Hayden Journals HM 261 .A1 G34 - 1965-19661967-1980; 1981-1989; 1989-2002; 2002-20052006-2008
       Gallup Poll: cumulative list of the questions and statistical analysis of the answers Hayden & West: HN 90 .P8 G35  1935-

    The surveys included in this have large tables and graphs with verbal analysis provided. An excellent source to explain the numbers that relate to important social issues and attitudes in the United States. Some topics are found more easily using the web version.
  3. Harris Poll.
       Print edition: Hayden Journals HN 90 .P8 A25x - 1979-1980; 1981-1987; 1988-

    These polls are taken to find out the opinions of the people of the United States and published in various news outlets.
  4. iPoll Databank. (Roper Center Public Opinion Archives)

    "a comprehensive, up-to-date and the largest archives of US public opinion information.It is organized at the question level, providing the tools to sift through nearly a half million questions asked on national public opinion surveys, 1935 to present. The membership also includes on demand access to the full datasets required to conduct bivariate and multivariate analyses on archived surveys using RoperExpress"
  5. Pew Research Center for the People and the Press.

    This is a non-profit organization that does opinion polls. It is particularly strong in tracking U.S. public opinion of current news events, economics, and politics.

    Professing to be an independent, nonpartisan resource on American public opinion. The recommended way to get to your area of interest quickly, is to use the CONTENTS outline to find your topic. The BUSINESS grouping is very good for general economic conditions and how people are reacting to it.
  7. Public Agenda Online.

    Another non-profit organization dedicated to gathering and disseminating the opinions of the public in the United States. A more thorough site in explaining the issues, background and related news along with the polling results and explanations. Charts and graphs are also included.
  8. Business Rankings Annual
       Print edition:  Hayden HG 4057 .A15635x  - 1989-
       online in Business Insights: Global I search by company name

    Excellent index to published rankings of all sorts, useful for identifying target markets. Listings include, for example, "Top 10 business schools," "Top hotels and resorts," "Top hospital management companies," "Top employment agencies," "Top ten markets for tequila," "Nation's biggest apparel markets," and so on. Subjects are often subdivided by states or countries: e.g., "Public Companies--Arizona." The current print edition of the Business Rankings has a separate volume for the cumulative index for all the previous editions.
  9. GMID: Global Marketing Information Data
       Print editions:  Eastern Europe: Hayden Journals HC 244 .C66x - 1994, 1999/2000;
                             Europe: Hayden Journals HD 7022 .C68 - 1982. 1991, 1997
                             International: Hayden Journals HC 79 .C6 C64x - 1995, 1999;
                             Japan:  Hayden Journals HF 3821 .C66 - 1990
                             Mexico: Hayden Journals HC  140 .C6 C64x - 1996
                             USA:     Hayden Journals HC  101 .C744 - 1992, 1996

    The online version incorporates all the information from each of the individual print versions, but tends to have only 5-6 years worth of data with the reports being within the last 3-4 years. The print sources cover the European countries, United States, and Japan providing 5 years of historical statistics with yearly projections for 5 years on products and consumers. The last segment of each product group also provides a list of sources for the statistics. One of the more useful sections is the one on the Consumer Markets. This section includes the total market by type of products with brand usage or shares. Lists of major consumer goods companies and wholesalers and distributors are included. There are also nice guides to the business information sources of the countries in the back.
  10. Direct Marketing Association's Statistical Factbook
       Print edition: Hayden HF 5415.126 .F33 - 1993-
       MF editions: Hayden & West HA 214 .S788x FICHE fiche# SRI year A4620-1 1989-  Indexed in ProQuest Statistical

    Analyzing not only the consumers and their attiudes towards direct marketing, it also includes analysis of the direct marketing industry. Industry segments are each analyzed separately. Data often includes both historical trends and 5 year forecasts.
  11. Local Market Audience Analyst (ceased. Replaced with Nielsen Segmentation & Market Solutions)
       Print edition: Lifestyle Market Analyst. Hayden & West HF 5415.33 .U6 L54 - 1991-2008

    An extremely valuable tool that has a concise summary of the demographic profiles of each of the 209 markets, known as ADIs (Areas of Dominant Influence), included. The introductory section includes an explanation of ADIs, an index of ADIs ranked by ADI TV households, population information, a glossary of terms, and definition/explanations of the terms used for the lifestyles. Arranged by major city, the tables provide the demographics (occupation, income, education level, age, type of household, etc.) on one page and the lifestyle/recreational activities on the facing page. All criteria are given with total number, percentage and U.S. index figure. There is a national section arranged by demographic/consumer segments and one by lifestyle. Each of these has an alphabetic list of the ADIs. The last section of the book is list of consumer magazines and direct mail lists for each of the lifestyles.
  12. Market Share Reporter 
       Print edition: Hayden & West HF 1040 .M37x - 1991, 1994, 1996-2002, 2004-
       online in Business Insights: Global search by company name

    Now, instead of combing through indexes trying to locate an article that might give market share information, there are these publications that not only give those citations, but also include the statistics! In the print editions, the information is arranged by SIC codes with indexes for sources, place names, products and services, and companies in the back. Online, the access is by company name or industry.
  13. Nielsen Segmentation & Market Solutions
  14. Progressive Grocer's Marketing Guidebook
       Print edition: Hayden & Polytechnic HD9321.3 .P75 - 1970-1997, 1999-2000, 2001-
       MF editions: Hayden & West HA 214 .S788x FICHE fiche# SRI year  C8961-1 1997-  Indexed in LexisNexis Statistical Insight

    The primary focus of this work is a directory of the grocers and distributers in each market with a summary of market share by chain and the local demographics. The most useful item, though, is the overview of the grocery industry included in the front of the book. This overview profiles the consumers and the buying trends. Also included is information on supermarkets and convenience stores.

    Sources for which ASU Library does not have current data:
  15. Season's of Business: The Marketer's Guide to Consumer Behavior. Judith Waldrop. 
       Print edititon: Hayden & West Stacks HF 5415.3 .W34x 1992

    This work has an unusual arrangement. It is arranged by marketing season, then by month. The marketing seasons do generally follow the weather, an important factor in convincing consumers to buy. A very interesting book that provides a seasonal look at consumers. While it may bedated, the buying seasons have not changed very much, except that Christmas shopping season starts much earlier.
  16. Simmons.
       Print edition: Study of Media and Markets. Storage HC 106.7 .S75x - 1979- 1981, 1982-1994.  
       online:  ChoicesII, 1995-2000 data 
                   ChoicesIII, 2001-2003 data

    Annual market survey containing vast amounts of detailed data on consumption of many products by different demographic groups. Also includes demographic data and other types of statistics. The electronic versions contains the same information as the print editions, but requires MS Excel to display the requested data. The electronic version allows some statistical analysis not available in a printed version. The print editions are 40+ volumes are divided into two major categories: "P" volumes have the data arranged by products and the "M" volumes have the data arranged by media or demographic groups. Instructions for the electronic version
  17. Commercial Atlas & Marketing Guide
       Print edition: Hayden, Science Map, & West  G 1019 .R22 - 1979-2005

    This sources is primarily statistics in the form of maps, charts, and graphs. They show clearly the geographic spread of the marketing and demographic statistics included. Very useful marketing tools for those who prefer visual presentations of statistics.
  18. European Advertising, Marketing and Media Data
    Asian Advertising, Marketing and Media Data

    These are both a directory of advertising and marketing agencies and an excellent source of marketing and advertising statistics arranged alphabetically for 16 of the European countries and 13 Asian Countries. Some of the statistics covered are economic, demographic, advertising expenditure patterns, media availability, and market size.
  19. European Compendium of Marketing Information.

    This arranges much of the Euromonitor data found in the works listed in this section by industry rather than by country.
  20. European Marketing Data and Statistics.
    International Marketing Data and Statistics.

    Similar in the statistics covered in European and Asian Advertising, Marketing and Media Data, the first volume listed does the statistics for Europe as a whole and the other volume covers all other countries exept Europe and the former USSR. Within the tables, the countries are grouped by the dominant trade association: EC, EFTA, CMEA (eastern Europe and the former USSR), and others. There is also a section that provides a summary and map of each country as a market. Some of the key statistical sections included are demographics, cultural and economic indicators, finance, labor, resources, energy, defense, environment, consumer expenditures, retailing, advertising, media, markets, transportation, communications, and tourism.
  21. International Council of Shopping Centers Research.

    This association collects data on how well shopping centers are doing. The brief summaries and statistics are included for U.S. and Canadian malls, department stores, and outlets. The White Papers cover such topics as e- commerce, retail consolidation, holiday shopping season reviews, and annual reviews of mall sales. A searchable database of legal cases and issues relating to shopping centers is also available. The EconStats section covers economic statistics and retail statistics by country. The Library provides a list of most frequently requested sources and two dictionaries of terms related to shopping centers. Research Express is a new feature that highlights recent topics of interest. There are items on this site that do require being a member or paying a fee.
  22. Mediamark Reporter. NY: Mediamark Research, Inc., 1995- . (ASU owns 1995-1998.)
    HF 5410 .M43x Hayden Reference MARS

    This electronic database is similar to the Simmon's Study of Media and Markets. It is compiled from the results of a national survey. It reports, in spreadsheet format, the demographics and purchases of products and services. Reports can be retrieved in a standard format or customized.

  23. Nielsen's National Television Index (The Pocketpiece). New York: Nielsen Media Research, 1982- . (ASU owns May issues only, 1984- . Current year in Reserve; older years in Journals.)
    HE8700.66 .U6 N53 Hayden Reference
    Nielsen's Report on Television. New York: Nielsen Media Research, 1979- . (ASU owns 1979- .)
    HE 8696 .N5x Hayden Reference
    Nielsen's Station Index. New York: Nielsen Media Research, 1982- . (ASU owns 1990-. Current year in Reserve; older years in Journals.)
    HE 8700.66 .U6 N375x Hayden Reserve
    Viewers in Profile. New York: Nielsen Media Research, 1982- . (ASU owns May issues only, 1991- . Current year in Reserve; older years in Journals.)
    HE 8700.66 .U6 Hayden Reserve
    University Libraries have only the May issues of these reports for up to 50 metroplitan areas. ASU has not always received the same metropolitan areas every year. The Nielsen titles listed above are also not available for many of the years. For more ratings of TV shows go to TV's Nielsen's TV News Ratings



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