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American Indian Studies

This page is a starting point for all students researching American Indian issues. This guide is created by the Labriola National American Indian Data Center.

Manuscripts at ASU

The following bibliography lists American Indian manuscript collections. These resources include material found in the Labriola National American Indian Data Center in the University Libraries at Arizona State University, websites, and other research facilities. This subject guide is also located on the Labriola Center website at

American Indian Literature and Poetry Archives, 2002-
Contains the manuscript copies of Dr. Laura Tohe’s student papers from 2002-
MS MSS-170 Hayden Labriola

Bureau of Indian Affairs Records Created by the Santa Fe Indian School, 1890-1918
Opened in 1890, the Santa Fe School provided industrial training for children from Indian reservations in Arizona and New Mexico. The school provided industrial training for children from Cochiti, Jemez, Nambe, Picuris, Pojoaque, San Ildefonso, San Juan, Santa Clara, Santo Domingo, Taos, Tesuque, and Zia. There were also some Navajo, Apache, and Pima students. 38 reels.
FILM 3748 RG75 M1473 Hayden Labriola

Al Carroll Collection
Contains material mainly from Web sites dealing with American Indians in all world wars including Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan.
Accession # 2004-03705 Hayden Labriola

John Collier Papers, 1922-1968
The microfilm and guide to the John Collier Papers, original papers held in Yale University Library. John Collier was the commissioner of Bureau of Indian Affairs from 1933-1945.
59 reels.
Law Microforms E93 .C7 J63 1980 Cabinet 24; Guide at same call number

Thomas Dodge Papers, 1921-1972
Includes correspondence, reports, tribal council minutes and other administrative documentation, news clippings and other related materials generated during Thomas Dodge's tenure at the various Indian agencies at which he served. Thomas Dodge was the son of Henry Chee Dodge, government interpreter and head of the Navajo Tribal Council.
MS CM MSS 33 Hayden Arizona

Kevin Gover Papers, 1997-2000
Kevin Gover served as Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Indian Affairs under Interior Secretary and former Arizona Governor, Bruce Babbitt, from 1996-2001. The collection contains photographs, video recordings, daily calendars, meeting notes and travel itineraries.
Accession # 2004-03665 Hayden Labriola

Odd S. Halseth collection, 1909-1974
Consists of correspondence, notes, newsclippings and printed matter relating to modern and prehistoric Indian tribes in Arizona, the Pueblo Grande Museum, the Arizona State Parks Association and a number of social and political issues. Although the collection ranges from 1909 to 1974, the bulk of the collection concerns research on Indian culture and museology conducted from 1927-1964.
MS CM MSS 45 Hayden Arizona

Papers of John Peabody Harrington in the Smithsonian Institution, 1907-1957
Prepared in the National Anthropological Archives, Department of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C. Pt. 1. Alaska/Northwest Coast, 1982, 30 reels (plus paper guide/index); Pt. 2. Northern and Central California, 1985, 101 reels (plus paper guide and index); Pt. 3. Southern California/Basin, 1986, 182 reels (plus paper guide/index); Pt. 4. Southwest, 1986, 58 reels (plus paper guide and index); Pt.5. Plains, 1987, 17n reels (plus paper guide/index); Pt. 6. Northeast/Southeast, 1987, 18 reels (plus paper guide/index); Pt. 7. Mexico/Central America/South America, 1988, 36 reels (plus paper guide/index); Pt. 8. Notes and writings on Special Linguistic Studies, 1989, 35 reels (plus paper guide/index); Pt. 9. Correspondence and Financial Records, 1991, 17 reels (plus paper guide/index)
FILM 7652 Hayden Microforms

Peter Iverson Collection, 1898-2002
Contains research materials, which were collected to support Dr. Iverson's various publications. Also contains materials covering his teaching experience at Diné College, and his papers from the 1991 White House Conference on Indian Education. Arranged in seven series: Navajo research materials; Diné College; Carlos Montezuma; Barry Goldwater; Indians of North America; White House Conference on Indian Education; and Peter Iverson personal papers.
MS LAB MSS-165 Hayden Labriola

Rosemary Apple Blossom Lonewolf Papers, 1970-
Contains photographs and research material regarding Rosemary Lonewolf’s life and work as a Native artist.
Accession # 2003-02599 Hayden Labriola

The Washington Matthews Papers, 1843-1905
Consist of material on the history and culture of the Navajo and Hidatsa Indians. 10 Reels.
FILM 8990 Hayden Microforms Guide to the microfilm edition located in E76.45.M37 W47x Hayden Reference, Labriola, and Hayden Microforms Reference

Charlotte H. Miller Navajo Collection, 1946-1953
Contains correspondence, ephemera, and photographs pertaining to Ms. Miller's time serving the Red Cross Disaster Relief during the 1948 drought, and the 1949-50 blizzard on the Navajo Reservation.
MS LAB MSS-158 Hayden Labriola Center

Carlos Montezuma Collection, 1887-1980
Composed of correspondence, speeches, printed material and financial records documenting the life of an urban physician and Indian rights activist. Although the collection extends from 1887-1980, the bulk of the collection concerns Montezuma's activism from 1887-1922.
MS CM MSS-60 Hayden Arizona

Papers of Carlos Montezuma, 1892-1937
Son of Yavapai Indians, Montezuma was captured by Pima Indians and sold to Carlos Gentile, who educated him. He became a physician and Indian Rights activist. Montezuma founded a journal, Wassaja, to address the issues. Microfilm copy of collection in the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. 10 Reels.
FILM 9616 Hayden Arizona

Papers of Carlos Montezuma, M.D.: Including the Papers of Maria Keller Montezuma Moore and the Papers of Joseph W., Latimer. 9 Reels.
FILM 8500 Hayden Microforms. Paper guide available: E99.Y5 M65x Arizona and E99 .Y5 M65x Labriola

Supplement to the Papers of Carlos Montezuma, M.D. 9 Reels.
A guide to the supplement can be found in the Arizona Collection.
FILM 9954 Hayden Arizona

Charles Newton Collection, 1901-1903
Consists of 35 handwritten letters from Dr. Newton to his wife and others, from the Western Navajo Training School, Algert, Arizona, between 1901 and 1903.
MS LAB MSS-140 Hayden Labriola

Dorothy Parker Papers, 1976-1991
Contains publications, transcripts, documents, a student-published yearbook (The Redskin,) and photographs ranging in date from 1976-1991. The bulk of the material dates from 1990 to 1991, and pertains to the closing of the Phoenix Indian School.
MS LAB MSS-141 Hayden Labriola

George Hubbard Pepper Papers, 1873-1924
The emphasis of the collection is upon the Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni Indians, their customs, language, textiles, pottery, religion and way of living. Includes numerous photographs, correspondence, articles, lecture notes. It contains in-depth data on Navajo blankets and insight into the early anthropological and archaeological work with Indians of the Southwest. Original documents are in Tulane University.
E78.N65 P42x 1905 Labriola Guide FILM E54.P47 Labriola Center

Wayne Pratt Papers, 1903-1990
Contains publications, correspondence, transcripts, documents and photographs ranging from 1903 to 1988. The bulk of the material pertains to the Bureau of Indian Affairs' schools for Indian children, the sensitivity of educators to cultural issues, mid- to late twentieth century trends in Indian education and the Johnson-O'Malley plan to aid local schools.
MS LAB MSS-142 Hayden Labriola

Carol Ruppé Mesquakie Collection, 1953-1968
Contains correspondence, news clippings, ephemera, notes/diaries, and photographs. The material dates from 1953-1968, and pertains to Carol Ruppé's time with the Mesquakie Indians in Tama, Iowa.
MS LAB MSS-161 Hayden Labriola

Father Augustine Schwarz, O.F.M., Photograph Collection, 1916-1940
Contains 163 photographs taken between 1916 and 1940 documenting Franciscan chapels, missions and religious activities at numerous Indian villages in Arizona. Also includes artifacts, postcards, photocopies of dissertations, photograph worksheets, and miscellaneous research materials.
MS LAB MSS-153 Hayden Labriola See also the online exhibit at

Charles F. Shaffer Collection, 1937-1941
Contains a guest book, two photograph albums, and a scrapbook dating from 1937-1941. The materials pertain to the Shaffers' time as schoolteachers on the Havasupai Reservation in Supai, Arizona, and subsequently at Dennehotso School also in Arizona.
MS LAB MSS-148 Hayden Labriola

Papers of the Society of American Indians, 1906-1946
These contain a record of the organization, personalities, and accomplishments of the nation' first modern Pan-Indian reform group. 10 reels.
FILM 9653 Labriola Paper guide available: E77.S6 L3 Labriola

Kenneth Stewart Papers, 1946-1981
Contains ethnographic research, research articles written by various authors, articles and manuscripts written by Dr. Stewart, correspondence, Arizona State University related files, maps, broadsides and audio-visual materials.
MS LAB MSS-182 Hayden Labriola

Roland Tharp Papers, 1986-2001
Contains approximately 600 video recordings representing Project KEEP (Navajo) and CREDE (Zuni), focusing on the education of minority students.
Accession # 2004-03549 Hayden Labriola

Francis J. Uplegger Photographs, c. 1915-1965
Snapshots, commercial photographs, and postcards collected by the family as momentos of the family and friends, their life as Lutheran missionaries on the San Carlos Indian Reservation, the Apache Indian community they served, and their vacations. Photographs of Native Americans are principally of the San Carlos tribe; some photographs are of other tribes, indicating their general interest in Native American culture. These images include posed snapshot portraits, celebrations and ceremonies, and work. Many images relate to Indian education and show Dorothea Uplegger in the classroom.
MS CP SPC 187 Hayden Arizona

Peterson Zah Collection, 1969-1994
Contains professional papers and correspondence, newspaper articles, photographs, audiovisual materials, and artifacts that range in date from 1969-1994. The bulk of the material consists of papers from Zah's time campaigning for and acting as Chairman and later President of the Navajo Nation. Other topics covered include the Navajo-Hopi land dispute, the Big Boquillas Ranch purchase, Indian education and civil rights.
MS LAB MSS-154 Hayden Labriola

The ASU Library acknowledges the twenty-three Native Nations that have inhabited this land for centuries. Arizona State University's four campuses are located in the Salt River Valley on ancestral territories of Indigenous peoples, including the Akimel O’odham (Pima) and Pee Posh (Maricopa) Indian Communities, whose care and keeping of these lands allows us to be here today. ASU Library acknowledges the sovereignty of these nations and seeks to foster an environment of success and possibility for Native American students and patrons. We are advocates for the incorporation of Indigenous knowledge systems and research methodologies within contemporary library practice. ASU Library welcomes members of the Akimel O’odham and Pee Posh, and all Native nations to the Library.