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American Indian Studies

This page is a starting point for all students researching American Indian issues. This guide is created by the Labriola National American Indian Data Center.

Listening to Indians Oral History on Microfiche

Oral History – Listening to Indians


Following are 144 transcripts of the “Listening to Indians” project which was planned excuted, and directed by Mr. Samuel I. Meyers as part of the New York Times Oral History Program. The project was funded by the New York Times Oral History Program and completed in 1978. Members of many tribes are represented. Please ask for separate index/ guide to subjects covered, LAB LO-14 or search the American Indian Index at


Some are: Chippewa, Nez Perce, Choctaw, Sioux, Cherokee, Seminole, Shoshone, Menominee, Sokagon-Nomlackie, Gros Ventre, Shawnee-Delware-Caddo, Seminole-Creek, Kiowa, Comanche, Pawnee, Navajo, Blackfoot, Ute, Klallum, Cowlitz, Tulalip, Hopi, Papago (Tohono O’odham), and representatives from Pueblo Villages in New Mexcio. Call Number are LAB FICHE #43-185



Fiche#                             Name

43                 Delphine Yazzie (Navajo)

44                 Annie Wauneka (Navajo)

45                       Melvin McKenzie (Navajo)

46                       Walter Jensen (Navajo)

47                       Ron Barton (Navajo)

48                       Eugene Atcitty (Navajo)

49                       Ruth Roessel (Navajo)

50                       William Kelly (Hawaiian)

51                       John Rainer, Jr. (Taos)

52                       Charles Stewart (Sioux)

53                       Dennis Jeffery (Navajo)

54                       Lyndale Hutchingson (Haida-Tshimshian)


56                       Nora Begay (Navajo)

57                       Deanna Browfoot (Blackfoot-Saultaux)

58                  Ramona Nez (Navajo)

59                       Kenneth Sekaquaptewa (Hopi)

60                       Fred Harden (Winnegbago)

61                  Lacee Harris (Ute)

62                  Beverly Crum (Shoshone)

63                  Jim Gray (Mohawk)

64                       Edmund Meeks (Shoshone)

65                       Errol LaBelle (Assiniboine-Sioux)

66                       Janice Nacke (Shoshone-Navajo)

67                       Joseph Manuel Carpio (Isleta)

68                  Darlene Peters (Klallum) Part I

69                       Darlene Peters (Klallum) Part II

70                       John Folz (Klallum)

71                      Judy Irwin (Creek)

72                      Dana Floz (Klallum)

73                      Jackie Wannassay (Cowlitz)

                     Tom Hill

                     Tom Hill, Jr. (Cowlitz)

74                      Evelyn Byrnes (Cowlitz)

75                      Candy Shopbell (Santee Sioux)

                     Chris Wright (Tulapi-Puyallup)

76                 Lee Piper (Cherokee)

77                 Alex Garcia (Mexican Indian)

78                      Rosemund Victorino (Choctaw-Hawaaiian-Portugese)

79                      Gregory Frazier (Crow-Sioux)

80                      Carl Cox (Crow-Choctaw)

81                      Glen Eaglespeaker (Blackfoot)

82                      Leo LeClair (Muckleshoot)

83                      Michelle Fowler (Quinalut)

84                      Wendy Folz (Klallum)

85                      Gilbert Walking Bull (Oglala Sioux)

86                 Montana Walking Bull (Cherokee) part I & II

88                       Jerry Wilson (Potawatomie)

89                       Florencio Arcinega (Apache)

90                       George Robinson (Hopi-Omaha)

91                 Index – Ask for print out

92                       Donald Antone (Pima)

93                       Bernice Navakuku (Hopi)

                      Frank Carlos (Papago)

                      Francisco Manuel (Papago)


94                       Noah Allen (Euchee)

95                       Julie Ramon (Papago)

96                       Arnold Taylor (Hopi)

97                       Bernard Fontana, Ret (University of Arizona Anthropologist)

98                       Heather Wilson (Nez Perce)

99                       Wilson (Nez Perce)

100               Penny Wilson (Nez Perce)

101               Eugene Wilson (Nez Perce)

102               Cathy Wilson (Nez Perce)

103               Marjorie Wilson (Nez Perce)

104               Brother Maurice Wilson, Part I & II

106                Harrison Cornelius (Oneida)

107               Jimmy Wilson Forest (Blackfoot)

108               Ross Swimmer (Cherokee)

109               Mel Tonasket (Okanagon)

110               Carolyn Busch (Cherokee)

111               Bernadine Swiftarrow (Quechan)

113               Marcus Sekeyouma (Hopi) Part I & II

114               Richard Lees (Chippewa)

115               Heather Wilson (Nez Perce)

116               Cathy Wilson (Nez Perce)

117               Eugene Wilson (Nez Perce)

118               Plesah Wilson (Nez Perce) 

                      Cathy Wilson (Nez Perce)

                      Heather Wilson (Nez Perce)

119               Ray Thomas (Choctaw)

120               Baxter York (Choctaw)

121               Jim Gardner (Choctaw)

122               Sylvester Roubideaux (Sioux)

123               Donald Kerns (Cherokee-Sioux)

124               Donald Kerns (Cherokee-Sioux)

125               Sylvester Roubideaux (Sioux)

126               Tamecia (Seminole)

127               Dave Williams (Shoshone)

128               Josephine Clark (Chippewa )

                      George Fairbanks (Chippewa)

                      George Stone (Chippewa)

129               George Fairbanks (Chippewa)

130               Joan Turney (Chippewa)

                      Josephine Clark (Chippewa)

                      Pearl Clark (Chippewa)

131               Gabriel Brisbois (Chippewa)

                      Marianne Brisbois (Chippewa)

                      Georgianna Gattenby (Chippewa) Part I

132               Gabriel Brisbois (Chippewa)

                      Georgianna Gattenby (Chippewa)

                      Lorraine Kotschevar (Chippewa)

133               Michael Leecy (Chippewa)



134               William Tibbets

135               John Buckanaga (Chippewa)

136               John Buckanaga (Chippewa)

137               Don Bibeau (Chippewa)

138               Le Cook (Chippewa)

139               Ron Libertus (Chippewa)

140               Robert Rosebear (Chippewa-Sioux-Cree)

141               Ada Deer (Menominee)

142               Charles McGeshick (Sokaogon-Chippewa)

                      Richard Poler (Sokaogan-Chippewa)

143               Brenda Underwood (Comanche-Cherokee)

144               Richard West (Southern Cheyenne)

145               Ted Rowland (Northern Cheyenne)

146               Bruce Jessepe (Potawatomie-Kickapoo-Oneida)

147               Lester Jessepe (Potawatomie)

                      Mrs. Lester Jessepe (Oneida)

148               Blaine Buffalohead (Ponca)

149               John Williams (Ponca)

150               Velma Jones (Ponca) Part I

151               Velma Jones (Ponca) Part II

152               Henry Secondine (Delaware)

                      Don Wilson (Delaware)

153               Helen Chupco (Seminole-Creek)

154               Herbert Johnson (Seminole)

155               Alice Spinks (Apache)

                      Roy Spinks (Apache)

156               Diana Griggs (Cherokee-Choctaw)

157               Rosanna Spinks (Nomiackie)

158               Don Houston (Cherokee)

159               Betty Smith (Cherokee)

160               Boyce Timmons (Cherokee)

161               Donna Johnson (Absentee Shawnee-Delaware-Caddo)

162               Jerry Ford (Gros Ventre-Cherokee)

163               Scott Tonemah (Kiowa) Part I

164               Scott Tonemah (Kiowa) Part II

165               Ruth Hankowsky (Choctaw)

166               Bob Miller (Seminole-Creek)

167               Jimmie Holder (Delaware)

168               Nettie Standing (Kiowa)

169               Edward Clark (Comanche)

170               Lloyd Kiva New (Cherokee)

171               Lloyd Kiva New (Cherokee)

172               Jerry Lujan (Taos)

173               Anita Da (San Ildefonso)

174               V. J. Roberts (Pawnee-Chippewa)

175               Ramona Coriz (Santo Domingo)

176               Agnes Dill (Tiwa) Part I

177               Agnes Dill (Tiwa) Part II

178               Anita Alvarado (Mexican)

179               Robert Bennett (Oneida)

180               Gene Dennison (Navajo) Part I

181               Gene Dennison (Navajo) Part II

182               Karen Pinto (Navajo)

183               Morgan Cleveland (Navajo)

184               Timothy Montoya (Hopi-Laguna)

185               Lowery Tungovia (Hopi-Tewa)           


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